About Us

What is Incogneato?

Incogeato (formerly Corpell Anonymous Box) is an online feedback collection and communication tool that helps businesses, organizations, or individuals anonymously collect feedback, and then communicate with their respondents. Each box is given a unique web address. Box creators are automatically notified when feedback is received, and can view it securely online. If respondents choose to leave an anonymous e-mail address, box creators can communicate with them via a secure dashboard. Even this communication is annonymous as the Incogneato software acts as an intermediary sending messages back and forth.

Our Team

Gary Kamen, Founder

Being experienced in both web development and marketing, Gary decided to start Corpell, LLC and launch Incogneato after recognizing a need for an online feedback tool that lets you anonymously communicate with your respondents. He's seen how useful anonymous feedback can be across a variety of organizations, and decided to take it to the next level by designing an anonymous feedback communication tool, built within a secure and intuitive web interface.

Gary holds a Bachelor of Arts degree - as well as an Entrepreneurship Certificate - from the University of Iowa. He has worked in both the corporate world and for small businesses.

gary {{@}} incognea.to

Ben Edwards, Co-Founder

Ben started his career in web development but transitioned to design to better match his skills and passions. While working for a provider of research-based leadership and career development resources, Ben learned the value of feedback and its importance to individuals, teams, and organizations looking to improve. Tools such as Incogneato, allow for honest anonymous feedback and Ben wanted to help more companies take advantage of the service. Prior to his work with Incogneato, he has founded several startups and nonprofits in Minneapolis, Washington DC, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management. He's worked mostly for small companies, some of which grew large. He prefers the former.

ben {{@}} incognea.to