Frequently Asked Questions

How can Incogneato be so inexpensive?

We run lean. We don't employ a sales force, our team is solely focused on making the best product to market.

How do I view my responses?

Immediately after creating your box, we send you an e-mail with instructions on how to view your responses.

How can people respond to my box?

Our system creates a unique web address for your box. That web address is yours to share with whomever you'd like. Your box page is both mobile and desktop-friendly.

If you do not share my respondent's e-mail address, how can I communicate with them?

Our system will anonymously relay your communications to them and vice versa, never revealing the identity of either party.

Do you store any information about the people who respond to my box?

If they choose to provide their e-mail address, we store it encrypted in our database. We never share their e-mail address with the creator of the box, and do not store any additional information about your respondents.

How do I know if my respondent left and e-mail address for a reply?

You will see a little reply icon with a letter and arrow beside their response.

Can I reply to a respondnet who has not provided an email address?

Yes. Respondents may choose to copy or download a Conversation Code that allows them to return and contineu a 2-way, anonymous conversation.

Will I be notified before my box is deleted?

Yes. If you haven't already upgraded to one of our paid options, we will send you an e-mail 72 hours, and then again 24 hours before your box is deleted.

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