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  • Anonymous reply and chat
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Website Widget
  • 24/5 Support
  • Data Export
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  • Money Back Guarantee

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Gabby Head — "Incogneato totally changed how we were able to open fully transparent lines of communication for our employees to share their feedback with the company. Previously, employees had to go as far as typing up their suggestions to ensure anonymity and because of that, feedback was very limited - not anymore!"
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Olivia Pink — "Prior to Incogneato, we lacked an effective platform where employees could share their ideas anonymously. By using Incogneato’s simple, intuitive user interface, employees are now able to comfortably submit their own suggestions, opinions and ideas on how to better improve our organization!"
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It can be surprising to find out what people really think. Avoid surprises with Incogneato.

Just as customer feedback has transformed the customer experience, employee feedback is transforming the employee experience.

While ratings in a consumer website may or may not be anonymous, at work anonymity is critical…If you "down rate" your boss or say something critical about the company (even in a constructive way), you may be labeled a 'trouble maker', which now reflects poorly on you.”

— Feedback is the Killer App (Forbes)

People use Incogneato Anonymous Boxes for many varied situations and scenarios

Customer/Employee Feedback & Ideas

“Do you approve of HR’s latest policy?”

“Tell us how we can better serve you.”

“What do you think of our latest project?”

Community Watches or Law Enforcement

"Do you have any information on a late model blue sedan seen near 5th and Western?"

“Tell us how we can make our community safer.”

Media Outlets

“Do you have an anonymous tip we should pursue?

“What sort of story should we cover next?”

“Did you find an error in our reporting?”

Many more uses...

School, daycare, social media, churches, community groups, website feedback, personal feedback, restaurants and other small businesses.

And even more…

Incogneato’s Powerful Features
Make Your Life Easier

Collect Unlimited Feedback

You don’t put limits on your product, your organization, or your community, why should your feedback software? Collect as much feedback as you like with the Incogneato Anonymous Box.

Real-Time, Anonymous Chat

Use the Incogneato mobile interface to chat with anonymous respondents as they are interacting with your Feedback Box.

Security and privacy is still maintained.

Customize Your Box

Start by adding a custom logo, intro text, and custom tags from the “Your Box” menu. While you’re there, customize other settings such as button color, time zone, access restrictions, and even it’s web address.

Manage Notifications and Delegate Box Management

Turn on or off notification and assign managers. This way your organization can have many boxes without getting overwhelmed with submissions and alerts.

Your Data is Your Data

We take security and privacy seriously and have built the platform from the beginning to keep your data and identity private and secure. Read more about Our Privacy and Security Pledge.

Plus you can export your active account data at any time to use in other systems.

Voting and Discussion

Use the wisdom of the crowd to help you identify and prioritize features and goals. Selectively add suggestions to a public forum for voting and anonymous discussion. Moderator controls let you lock voting and discussion and delete individual comments. There are even safeguards to help prevent ballot stuffing and additional controls and protections. Learn more.

Multiple Support Options

The product owners monitor support channels and can aid in answering questions you have.

There's even a Premier Support Option at the Premier Plan level.

Ability to Restrict Box Access

Use a password to restrict who can access your feedback box.

You can even restrict who can provide feedback based upon the IP address of their computer. A perfect solution to keep your box private to only your company.

See how Incogneato compares to the competition

Incogneato includes many of the features offered by enterprise-level solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Choose annual billing to save up to 20%


  • 1 Secure, Anonymous Box
  • Unlimited Feedback
  • Website Widget
  • Real-Time, Anonymous Chat
  • 24/5 Support
  • Export Your Data
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • All PERSONAL Plan Features Plus:
  • 25 Secure, Anonymous Boxes
  • Custom URL
  • Custom Logo & Styles
  • Unlimited Admin Users
  • Ability to Restrict Box Access
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Money Back Guarantee
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  • All PREVIOUS Plan Features Plus:
  • Unlimited Secure, Anonymous Boxes
  • Voting & Discussion (learn more)
  • Premier Support Option
  • Service Level Agreement
  • 30-Day Free Trial
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Money Back Guarantee
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Our Privacy & Security Pledge to You

At Incogneato, we take anonymity seriously. To prove it, we’ve taken some pretty big steps to safeguard your respondents' identities:

  • We use 256-bit SSL encryption for all communication within Incogneato. That means only our server can understand what’s being discussed. Anyone who tries to intercept information will simply see unreadable data.
  • We encrypt respondents' email addresses (if they choose to include one). In the unlikely event that our database is broken into, your respondent’s email address will be unreadable.
  • Other than an encrypted email address (if they choose to include one), we do not retain any personal identifying information of those submitting a response.
  • We have continuous threat monitoring in place and always keep our server software up to date.

Please send any questions or concerns, to