The Benefits of an Anonymous Suggestion Box

Anonymous Suggestion Box Benefits

Most people tend to tailor their feedback to avoid irritating or challenging others. Employees or colleagues may hesitate to engage in a candid discussion when they feel their words can alter or jeopardize a relationship. This is especially true for those at the bottom of an organization, but can also be found at all levels.

Take for example a new entry-level employee at a large organization. Armed with a fresh perspective, he or she may notice inefficiencies or have new ideas for products or services. Instead of sharing them, however, the new employee decides to hold back to avoid making waves and potentially irritating others. Soon he or she becomes complacent and the new ideas are lost forever. Giving the employee a safe, anonymous tool to share new ideas can both improve the company and help them feel valued and invested in the organization. An appreciated employee will continue taking initiative and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Anonymous Feedback Can…

How Is Incogneato Different from Other Suggestion Boxes?

One of the key differences between Incogneato and other suggestion boxes is the ability to hold an anonymous conversation. Often times that initial suggestion leads to more questions that would otherwise go unanswered. Anonymous chat lets you immediately ask a follow up question or for further clarification. Plans also include customization options, box restrictions, and much more. With a free 30-day trial and plans starting at only $9 per month, Incogneato offers an exceptional value.

Supporting Research

There is ample research that supports the benefits of an anonymous suggestion box. Here are a few we often cite: