Anonymous Employee Suggestion Box

A Powerful Human Resources Tool

How does your company collect employee feedback? Face-to-face? Through the grapevine? Think of all the feedback you're missing out on from employees who wish to remain completely anonymous.

Even if you already have an anonymous feedback form on your intranet, you likely do not ask your respondents for their email address and keep it private. Plus, your server likely retains log files potentially identifying your employees. Using a third-party service like Incogneato is the best way to ensure your employees' anonymity.

Incogneato is an powerful tool to collect and respond to anonymous employee feedback. It's secure and very simple. Just create a box and share your unique URL on your employee intranet or anyplace in the office. You can even create a custom URL like

Privacy and Security

At Incogneato, we take anonymity seriously. To prove it, we've taken some big steps to safeguard your employees' identities: