Can Incogneato Help Retain Your Employees?

Posted February 22nd, 2018

Improve Employee Retention with Incogneato

Employees are expensive to recruit and often more expensive to retain. Many organizations find it more efficient to retain their best employees than recruit and train a replacement. According to SHRM, the average cost-per-hire is $4,129. One study found the cost of re-hiring a midrange position ($30-$50K per year) to be 20% of the employee’s future salary.

Employees leave for a variety of reasons. Among the most common are:

Engaged employees are more connected

Communicating with your employees is the first step in retaining them. According to Gallup’s 2013 “State of the American Workplace” report, engaged employees make strong contributions and are more connected to their organization. While some may candidly share their views during a face-to-face conversation, we believe that anonymity is better for sensitive issues. This is especially true if the employee fears retaliation or being ostracized. For example, an organization with a strong hierarchical power structure might be less open to feedback from those at the bottom. Even a flat organization may have employees who would rather remain isolated than share their ideas face-to-face.

Employees experiencing personal issues

While there may be little you can do to retain an employee experiencing personal issues, employees can also use an anonymous feedback tool to disclose workplace issues or tell you why they are dissatisfied in general. Plus, giving your employees a real outlet to improve their work life can make all the difference for those experiencing difficulties at home. Even if change is not possible at the moment, you can use Incogneato’s anonymous communication feature to explain your position or discuss alternatives.

If you haven’t already, give Incogneato a try by setting up a free anonymous suggestion box. No credit card is required during your trial. Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons to choose Incogneato for your anonymous feedback.