How the so-called “Google Manifesto” Underscores the Need for Anonymous Feedback Channels

This past weekend’s release of a Google employee’s now-infamous “Google Manifesto” has received quite a bit attention of worldwide, and subsequently led to the firing of it’s author, James Damore. The document has sparked a torrent of debate over workplace culture, tolerance, and dissent.

The fact that it is so controversial (even within Google) demonstrates that there is a very real divide within many organizations. Intuitively, one would assume that most do not support anti-diversity views. The events of this week, however, show otherwise and strongly underscore the need for internal, anonymous feedback channels. Had James Damore been provided a tool to anonymously disclose and discuss his opinions with Google’s management, he may have never felt the need to pen his manifesto and Google wouldn’t have felt the need to terminate his employment. As research shows, suppressing emotions at work can lead to aggressive behavior.

Anonymous feedback solutions, such as Incogneato, allow organizations to anonymously gauge internal opinion on any topic—and not just topics that could publicly embarrass a company. Maybe a whole team is about to call it quits over a toxic manager. Maybe that recently-launched product contains bugs or issues that employees are afraid to speak about. Maybe a manager has done something illegal. The list of “what-ifs” can go on and on.

Sure, every company likes to think it’s employees are comfortable enough to share their views out in the open. Open door policies and listening tours are commonplace in many organizations. Those may work fine for some employees, but there will always be others who, for a variety of reasons, prefer to remain anonymous.

Corpell Anonymous Box Is Now Incogneato; New Features and Plans Introduced

Even though we’ve changed our name and pricing model, anonymous, secure feedback collection is still at our core.

We’re pleased to announce our unique tool for anonymously collecting, analyzing, and responding to feedback has been renamed: Incogneato. Corpell Anonymous Box is now Incogneato and with this rebrand come a number of exciting changes that improve the way you can use your feedback boxes and how you manage them going forward.

  • We’ve added Live Anonymous Chat to all subscription levels. You can now communicate with respondents in real-time and get their first-hand ideas and feedback, right from your dashboard—on the web or your mobile device.
  • The Admin Dashboard is getting a new look with more controls and power.
  • We’ve streamlined the design and code for the anonymous feedback boxes to make it simpler to customize and embed the feedback box on websites or on social media.

Based on feedback, we’ve moved away from a token-based system and now offer three subscription options from which to choose:

  • Personal: one box for unlimited feedback. $9/mo
  • Professional: up to 25 boxes, custom URL, logo, style, unlimited admins & more. $29/mo
  • Premier: unlimited boxes, voting and discussion, Premier support, & more. $99/mo

And for a limited time, we are offering discounts to these subscription prices of 15%, 20%, and 25% respectively.

For additional information on Incogneato, and to create your free box, please visit

Feature Addition: Response Tagging

We’re proud to announce the addition of tagging to our boxes. People can now tag their responses with a set of tags that you create in your administration area.

To create/change/delete a tag: Login to your box and select “Manage Response Tags” from the “This Box” menu.

To find tagged responses: Once a response has been tagged, search for the tag name using the “Search Within” feature in your administration area.

After creating your tags, they’ll automatically appear on your response page.

New! Custom URLs Now Available

We frequently receive customization requests from people who just want a custom web address for their suggestion box (e.g. As a result, we’ve made it much easier to get one. Simply purchase a one-time token here, then login to your box and create one in the “Customize URL” section of the top menu. You’ll receive a notice within 48 hours when your new web address is live. The custom URL is yours for as long as your box is active (no renewal fee for the URL).

While there is a fee for the custom URL, it’s still significantly less expensive than any other suggestion box solution with similar features.

New Feature: Share Your Box

You can now automatically send an email notice to a group asking them to view and respond to your box. The new “Share Your Box” feature can be accessed from the “This Box” menu in your box administration area. Simply enter your name, an optional message, and the email address you wish to notify. You can even copy/paste the email addresses from a spreadsheet.

Share Your Online Suggestion Box

New! Add intro text to your box

We’ve just launched a new feature that allows you to add introduction text to your box. Tell people the purpose of your box, give special instructions, or just say hello. The text appears just below your title.

To add your introduction text, simply login to your box and select “Box Intro Text” from the “This Box” menu.

A Comparison of Online Suggestion Boxes

We’ve recently added a little comparison on our homepage to help provide a balanced look at other online suggestion box providers and help you to decide which one best for you.

We’ve compared Corpell Anonymous Box with SuggestionOx, Boxwire, and Vetter. These three competitors have varying offerings, but at their core offer a similar product as we do. With the exception of SuggestionOx (which is free), Corpell Anonymous Box is by far the least expensive, full-featured online suggestion box platform. While SuggestionOx is free, it does not offer anonymous chat, voting, or box restrictions — which all come standard with Corpell Anonymous Box. Vetter offers the most similar feature set (but does not include anonymous chat), but costs more than 10 times more than our unlimited box account per year.

Internal-Only Boxes Are Here!

We launched two new features that let you limit who can respond to your box.

You now have the option of password-protecting your box and/or restricting it to visitors with specific IP addresses. Both features are available under “Box Restrictions” in the “This Box” menu.

From the “Box Restrictions” window, you can enable one or both restrictions. By default, neither are enabled.


12-Month UNLIMITED BOX Extension Token

By popular demand, we’re excited to offer a new option for extending your box. The new “12-Month Unlimited Box” token extends all present and future boxes created under the same account. With this new token, all boxes you’ve previously created will be extended for another 12 months. All future boxes will be extended for the time remaining in your 12-month period, plus an additional 90 days.