Big Voting and Discussion Update

Posted April 9th, 2018

Today we launched a big update to Incogneato’s “Voting and Discussion” tool (Premier Plan only). In addition to a new responsive design, the tool now includes the ability to sort by tag, search within, and link directly to specific discussions. Box owners can moderate the forum by locking/unlocking discussions and deleting individual comments. Locking a discussion allows people to view past vote counts and discussions, but not contribute to it.

If you haven’t already, give Incogneato a try by setting up a free anonymous suggestion box. No credit card is required during your trial.


New: Weekly Digest Emails

Posted November 29th, 2017

Several customers have told us that while they like receiving notifications for new feedback, it can quickly overwhelm an inbox. As a result, we’ve launched a weekly digest option. The digest displays your ten most recent pieces of feedback from the past week.

If you prefer to only receive a weekly digest, simply disable your alerts and enable weekly digests. See the following links for additional help:

Enabling weekly digests: (account owner) (box manager)
Disabling all other alerts: (account owner) (box manager)

New: Custom Images for Each Feedback Box

Posted November 3rd, 2017

We’ve just put the finishing touches on a newly requested feature allowing those on the Professional or Premier Plans to further customize their boxes. Now, in addition to having one custom image or logo and button color, customers on these plans can have different logos or images for each of their boxes.

This can be useful for multiple groups within the same organization utilizing the same account or for those who simply want to differentiate the look of each box. Now they don’t need to have the same logo.

And if you haven’t yet tried collecting anonymous feedback with an Incogneato box, give it a try today. We are still offering great discounts on all plans for a little while longer. With plans starting as low as $7.65/mo and free 30-day trials for all plans, we’re making it easy and affordable to collect feedback from customers, employees, or anyone.

Collect Feedback Button


Incogneato WordPress Plugin Now Available

Posted October 22nd, 2017

Got a WordPress site? We’re proud to announce the addition of an Incogneato WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly add your suggestion box to your WordPress site.

To install it, simply login to your WordPress dashboard and search for “Incogneato” in the plugins directory. Once activated, all you’ll need is your box ID. You can also find it in the official plugins directory. See this page if you need help locating it.

Feature Addition: Box Manager Alerts

Posted October 13th, 2017

We’ve launched a small new feature to help your box managers take control of the alerts they receive.

Box managers can now enable and disable all email alerts from the “Alert Settings” area of their dashboard, just like account admins.  As a reminder, box managers only receive emails pertaining to responses and conversations.

Corpell Anonymous Box Is Now Incogneato; New Features and Plans Introduced

Posted July 26th, 2017

Even though we’ve changed our name and pricing model, anonymous, secure feedback collection is still at our core.

We’re pleased to announce our unique tool for anonymously collecting, analyzing, and responding to feedback has been renamed: Incogneato. Corpell Anonymous Box is now Incogneato and with this rebrand come a number of exciting changes that improve the way you can use your feedback boxes and how you manage them going forward.

Based on feedback, we’ve moved away from a token-based system and now offer three subscription options from which to choose:

And for a limited time, we are offering discounts to these subscription prices of 15%, 20%, and 25% respectively.

For additional information on Incogneato, and to create your free box, please visit

Feature Addition: Response Tagging

Posted September 7th, 2016

We’re proud to announce the addition of tagging to our boxes. People can now tag their responses with a set of tags that you create in your administration area.

To create/change/delete a tag: Login to your box and select “Manage Response Tags” from the “This Box” menu.

To find tagged responses: Once a response has been tagged, search for the tag name using the “Search Within” feature in your administration area.

After creating your tags, they’ll automatically appear on your response page.

New! Custom URLs Now Available

Posted September 6th, 2016

We frequently receive customization requests from people who just want a custom web address for their suggestion box (e.g. As a result, we’ve made it much easier to get one. Simply purchase a one-time token here, then login to your box and create one in the “Customize URL” section of the top menu. You’ll receive a notice within 48 hours when your new web address is live. The custom URL is yours for as long as your box is active (no renewal fee for the URL).

While there is a fee for the custom URL, it’s still significantly less expensive than any other suggestion box solution with similar features.

New Feature! CSV export

Posted May 31st, 2016

As requested many times, we now offer the ability to export all of your responses to a CSV file. Simply look for the CSV Export logo where you view your responses.

New Feature: Share Your Box

Posted May 28th, 2016

You can now automatically send an email notice to a group asking them to view and respond to your box. The new “Share Your Box” feature can be accessed from the “This Box” menu in your box administration area. Simply enter your name, an optional message, and the email address you wish to notify. You can even copy/paste the email addresses from a spreadsheet.

Share Your Online Suggestion Box